Eligibility & Voting

Eligibility Nominations, and Voting

A Cappella Music Award Eligibility

With the exception of the Lifetime Achievement and Entertainer of the Year categories, these awards are intended to honor those within the INDEPENDENT a cappella scene.  

  • A CAPPELLA - All groups must perform a majority of a cappella music. Groups solely performing a cappella will have a strong advantage.
  • ACTIVE - All groups must be active (currently performing) with up-to-date social and/or web media. 
  • ATTENDANCE - A Cappella Music Award ceremony attendance is not a requirement for becoming a recipient, although nominees are strongly encouraged to attend. 
  • CHARTING - Major label artists or top 40 Billboard charting groups or artists will be limited to eligibility for only the Entertainer of the Year and Lifetime Achievement categories. No charting limitation is placed on production categories. *This rule applies to the 2019 season and thereafter.
  • GENRES - With the exception of the genre-specific categories, any genre of music is eligible.
  • GEOGRAPHY - No geographic limitation exists. A group or individual from any nation (worldwide) may qualify. 
  • NOMINATIONS - Nominations are open to the public and curated by the Nominations Committee. 
  • TIMING - Recorded works that are nominated (video, etc.), must have been released for purchase no more than two years prior to the closing of final nominations. 
  • VOTING -  Nominating and voting  is open to the general public. Once nominations end, the ones most meeting the criteria in each category will go to the special awards committee, who will select the final five per category. Final voting will be determined by the special awards committee and a collective tally of fan online voting.

*Eligibility was last modified on  September 17, 2018 and is subject to change. January 3, 2019, TIMING was added, and the description of VOTING was expanded.